Monday, April 30, 2007

How many contemporary artists live in Duval?

If you consider yourself a contemporary artist please comment with your name, email address if you'd like, your web site, and the type of work you make.

I'm not going to add another post for a week, so please send anyone you know who's a contemporary artist this link so they can add their information.

I'd like to know for future support of Jax CAL concepts and future support of the artists. Power in numbers. Power to the people.




Byron said...

Byron King

Mixed media artists.

AO said...

Great work Byron!

Anna-Marie Orange
Pardon my dust, I am revaming my sites and getting more art posted. The only art I have on-line is one photo on my Myspace page. I am working on a series of self portraits. More to come!

Student / Mixed Media Artist /
Photographer / Indie Crafter

brittni said...

Oops. I deleted it. Here we go:

Brittni Wood

Anonymous said...

dana turner


Anonymous said...

Dan May

Jaime Verde said...

James M. Greene

New school screenprinting, drawing, photography, ideas.

onesock said...

Mark Creegan

zac said...

Just found the site this morning.

Zac Freeman

roman bradley said...

actually I consider myself a post post contemporary artist. I don't consider myself an outsider of the mainstream artworld, I just think of myself as an outsider from the real world. I want to show but I don't see the point since I'm one half nihilisht the other half existentialist. sometimes I get confused as to who I am. that's pretty contemporary huh? I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Roman. I think that your definition qualifies.

Sad we have to define everything.

To me contemporary is in search of the new. Now to define new is a personal thing that is relative to ones programming.

Someone might be doing a Bob Ross paint by numbers landscape and to them that experiences is completely new.

But is it contemporary? Who am I to say. The artist as some point has to decide. Of course critics will decide for him but that's another story.

I myself am a contemporary artist and I'm okay with that label.

The reason labels and definition is good for me is because I need it to make order. I'm am tired of living a life that is surrounded by chaos.
I had issues with the term artist until about five years ago and defined myself as a maker of things.

post post contemporary artist are definitely welcome here.

Thanks and welcome.


Roman Bradley said...

you know i dont want to be that asshole guy who never clarifies what he is or what he stands upon, although I like the ambiguity of it being a liquid form.

the world is getting pretty chaotic, but one might assume it's because art has chosen to fulfill a need for order rather than express chaos in order to fulfill the humanity in order.

everything we desire now is an order to become chaotic. we want a drama. a played out sort of calamity. the field of "Going" insane.

I was thinking the only thing that keeps us from total anarchy is traffic. zooming cars, people beeping and jumping and screaming for no good reason.

I wanted to be an enemy of this lightning fast hurricane of cars surrounding me. It put me in my place. I struck a pose. I became a painter without a pants on.

(I mean most of art anymore, There is little eradication of the self. Therefore no community, no structure, no will to stand no will to sit. everything is about self, celebrity, insane celebrity.

It's a devil's trick.)

I sit on my knees. where to put the legs?
are the legs understood.

these are the basic questions of brush painting when you don't have drawing. I think it's always been that way since cave painting, which is awfully well thought out.

Anonymous said...

Roman. at least you know you're a painter. a lot of artists are so mixed up they can't define themselves by there medium.

Anonymous said...

Why define! Create in whatever medium or combination of mediums strike you at the time.

Lionti said...

I'm a contemporary artist working in Jacksonville. I moved here from Italy many years ago.

I do mixed media paintings on canvas containing fractal designs, airbrushing, and brush painting. I paint my mandalas into my fractal designs.

So happy to find other contemporary artists here in Jacksonville. Also, very happy to see the art scene in Jacksonville moving forward.

Steve Bailey said...

Mine is not "physical" art, but I'd like to consider myself a local artist nonetheless.

Steve Bailey
Movie Reviewer/Playwright for Boomtown Theatre

* Writer-director of "Plan Nine from Outer Space: The Rip-Off," premier production of Boomtown's downtown location, Oct. 2005

* Writer-performer for Boomtown's Thurs.-night "Pulp Fiction Theatre" series, Jan.-April 2007

* Soon to be premiering a play at Boomtown Bistro's new location on Hendricks Ave.: "The Fairly Big Broadcast of 1937," a take-off on Orson Welles' famed 1938 "Martian" broadcast