Saturday, April 28, 2007

Let's start one?

———–This city needs activism and pressure, but it lacks a forum to create and sponsor the great ideas expressed on this page.——— Stephen Dare

We could start one?


This blog was created in reaction to this Folio Weekly blog entry:

It was created in an effort to move forward in a positive and constructive manner. The goal is for all commentary on this blog to be supportive and encouraging in nature for all involved.

To quote Mark Creegan:
Its difficult being an artist. Its very difficult being an artist in Jacksonville, kinda like being a chef in a city full of anorexics.


So there's no reason why we should be nothing but supportive to all involved in the pursuit of Jacksonville becoming a creative, culturally aware city.

All interested in joining and becoming contributors please shoot me an email at and your wish will be fullfilled. I especially enjoyed Stephen Dare's insite on the last twenty or so years of Jacksonville art history.

I also felt that Mark Creegan has a wonderfully positive attitude towards the Jacksonville art scene and would definitely enjoy a weekly entry from him concerning the state of the arts here and abroad in any manner.

I know everyone has a blog these days, but for crying out loud the response to the Kinghorn article was overwhelming. There's no reason why we shouldn't be putting all of this energy into one place to constructively solve the issues at hand. Find alternative spaces. Find the great local artists. Show them. Write about them, etc., etc.

Hope you all join. I'm just amazed you folks are out there.

Take care.



onesock said...

This is so excellent! Bravo! One day we'll be able to say "we were there when..."
Mark Creegan

Jax CAL said...


Your writing kicks much assitude. Would definitely like to see you use something like this to shed some light on the art scene here and abroad. Hope you don't mind me quoting you too.


AO said...

Now, this is what it is going to take - ACTION! Jax Cal, you rock!

You and Mark both have great ideas. All of the suggestions are so attainable, it's scary.


Jax CAL said...

Thanks AO.

We need to have folks like yourself and Mark involved in something like this.

As you are aware of, ideas and concepts are just that unless there is involvement and the actual work to see them come to fruition.

DowntownMotherboard said...

Count me in on this.

There has been almost no dialogue and ZERO reporting or coverage of any of the Arts in this city for the past 5 years.

Its about time that this happened.

Thanks, JaxCal.

Jaime Verde said...

Agreed with all comments so far. Let's take this to the next level. Jaxcal- thanks for making clear that this forum is for constructive ideas and positive suggestions. Mark- your comments are pure goodness.

-Verde Family Values

Jax CAL said...

Yes sir. Pure positivity here.

All are welcome to comment and add to the commentary.

Shoot me an email and I'll add you as a contributor.

The last comment on the Flog says revolution needs money to happen. I think it needs participation first. Money is a second or even third step in a revolution. People rise up and join in a common cause first.

The revolution could start right now. Right here. If all of the contributors on the Kinghorn article that posted on the Flog decided to join and to make it happen.

Come one. Come all.

CREATEjacksonville said...

I think things are starting to happen around here, and I am pleased to be a part of it. We WILL make it happen.

AO said...

Participation is the first step. It will cost zero to dialog with Downtown Vision on moving the Art Walk to Friday, or creating some sort of monthy weekend event.

Jax Cal, I am posting this blog url to everywhere I can. My space (, my website (http://jacksonville , etc. - please excuse the coding it's a work in progess!

I will make up some flyers (with everyone's input of course) to put around the FCCJ campus as well if you think that would generate some interest.


Anonymous said...


It will only take participation for the first step to make change.

I could see this being a place for local contemporary artists to voice their opinion.

Imagine if we had two hundred members? If we needed a petition of signatures for change we could count on those two hundred names?

Definitiley a great idea to post on MySpace. I've emailed Downtown Vision to see what they say about changing artwalk to Friday.

But if we had shear numbers and could agree on specific concepts for change we could definitely make it happen.

Jax CAL said...

Flyers would be great AO.

All we need is numbers now. Participation.

One single voice.

Thanks AO.

Anonymous said...

Why does ArtWalk need to move? Why not leave it on Wednesday and ADD a Friday Night Stroll Down Laura or something like that?

Anonymous said...

I'm personally interested in moving it because it conflicts with my work day?

Would rather it be a all night event for me.

Having another event on Friday night is a good idea but there is already momentum with Artwalk. Why not move it to a day that more folks could attend and spend more time there at the event?