Thursday, September 6, 2007

Art Group Calendar

Hey artists. I've just created an art calendar using Google Calendars, something I just stumbled across. I know I know, pathetically slow to keep up with generation Y (or is it generation zzz). Once I started fooling around with the features of the calendar, it just seemed like a great way for the JaxCAL group to share events like art openings or face-to-face meetings all in one place. Recently, I found myself searching through archived blog entries trying to find that specific one where somebody mentioned a show coming up and that seems unnecessary.

I don't even think you have to join anything new (not sure). But I think by being on Blogger you're already able to use Google's calendar and I think I have it set so everyone can view, edit, and post events.

So if you guys are into it you can view it here Art Calendar and join here Subscribe.

The only event on there to see how it works is on November 9th, my own show the only event I knew of. So check it out, post an event, or even just let me know the links worked.


Byron said...


The google calendar is cool but that's sort of goes against the concept of trying to get it all in one place.

Please hold off Zac and I'm going to be releasing a very slick tool for everyone to use.

just need to know if everyone is okay with registering. it will be easy. a button that says register.

and the content will have to stay on blogger from what we have on this site. if that's okay then I have a tool that can do everything we want and then some.



Byron said...

I would prefer to use one tool though, that way folks have one login....

if we used the google calendar folks would have two?

zac said...

I'm all for it.

Byron said...

cool man. thanks Zac. the google calendar tool rocks. I'm just trying to figure out how to get it all in one tool.

blogs, calendars, etc., etc.

Zac, if you email me I'll show you want I have so far to get some of your input.

maybe the google calendar would work but like I said I'd like to have it all with one login.

Thanks Zac.

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