Saturday, September 1, 2007

Portent, I said Portent !

Portent, I said Portent opening photos by yours truly.

Opening photos by CREATEJacksonville.

Thanks Brittni. Great pics.

Thanks everyone for coming to the opening. What a great turnout. This show will be up through September.




Anonymous said...

Cool photos Byron. The header on looks good.


Scott Allen said...

Byron, your stuff was cool. The rest of the show? no comment.

Byron said...


I thought it was a great mix of work. no worries for disagreeing but if you could be more specific it would be beneficial to everyone.

I feel we should have an open enough culture here to be able to give critique on each others work.

that way we can all learn a bit about each other.



Scott Allen said...

Hey Byron,
I did like the show, and it did bring a contemporary feel, but one body of work was not appealing (to me) and unfortunately, generated a late night semi-negative comment.
Maybe my expectations were really high due to this show being advertised as the foreshadowing of a new direction for art in jax,..
and I took it personally.

Byron said...


no worries man. just wanted to hear why.

glad you came by and dang we have to meet one day for sure.

thanks man. how's your work coming? anything new as of late to post?

post a painting or something. let's keep talking about art. keep the dialogue going...

Pedestrian Projects said...

i think the name of the show was more aimed at what is to come in our hopes. certainly we believe as a group that no one is perfect, nor is any effort a perfect effort. many of us have learned from the school of hard knocks that this isnt an easy road to go down. i guess we always do the best we can with what we have. i am kind of thrilled that you were under impressed. i think it lit a fire in you, Scott. i think this will drive you do to something to meet that fire in heart's desire, only you know what that is. sorry to disappoint with our advertisment, but i am only glad you came and shared your feelings of needed improvement. there is alot to do and we only have a few resources to do it with. maybe we can light some more fires as we hope to inspire, motivate, please, displease, impress, underimpress, make good impressions and bad, disgust, teach, learn, change, grow, transform, destroy, create, bond, separate, create competition and unity, paint better, worse, sculpt, print, exhibit, make mistakes and hopefully do some things right.............we are only human. But we do have alot to say and we will make that effort. as a 39 year resident of jacksonville, i can say that jacksonville is sitting in the best spot it has ever been in to make a statement to the world of what kind of arts we have here to offer. it is time we all work together to grow the art community here beyond where any of us thought possible.

Mark Creegan said...

As one of the artists, i can say i dont think any of us had the pretense that we or what we showed are THE examples of great art in Jax. I think the title of the show came from looking at all the other stuff going on around us (Bogda, Opaque, Thief in the Night, etc), and trying to create an addition to all that. Obviously that wasn't very clear in the press release which is my fault since i done wrote the dang thang :)
Back to the ol drawing board as they say.
Thanks for the feedback, its really helpful actually.

Scott Allen said...

Thanks you for the feedback guys, the artist I was referring to was Kurt and his blog entry brought more of a critique out. I'm sure he's a good guy and I wish I had more understanding of his work. But, I like the direction you guys are going and know you are very passionate with art and the future of art in Jax. The show was a success in so many areas, and I'll be more careful with my comments and will make sure to include examples to my critiques. Take care.