Friday, May 4, 2007


I want to pose a question to all of you folks out there. What's with all the antlers? I've asked several artists who are involved in antler depictions this and I get a vague answer if any answer at all. I'm seeing antler art everywhere.

I'm on My Space and I'm meeting artists from all over the world. Norway. Mexico. Germany. Eastern Europe. Japan. All over the world. What's up with all the deer antlers?

Another trend I'm seeing is drawing humans with animal heads. And sometimes they have antlers? I do believe in the collective unconscious of humanity. That sometimes all over the world humans begin thinking along the same wave length. A perfect example would be the building of pyramids all over the world. It all just started to happen. All at the same time. Similar to this damn deer antler phenomenon. What gives?

Are we being taken over by deer people? Are we all going to have animal heads in the future and these artists are just being psychic? Is it just a trend? If so, why is it a trend? Where did it start? If it's not a trend but some sort of subversive art movement that I am not aware of what is it called? Thanks.


Mark Creegan said...

Antlers = Protection?

I think deer images perhaps tied into wartime and insecurity. Interestingly, Bambi came out in 1942. Deer make me think of gentleness, love, motherhood? I'll thumb thru my "Man and His Symbols" see what come up.

AO said...

Antlers are showing up in the fashion world as well...

Fashion & Style
If There’s a Buck in It Somewhere
Published: April 26, 2007
The chic new design element of the season? Why it’s the antler, naturally.

As metaphor for a bucolic ideal, antlers are fine. But their proliferation in fashion (in jewelry and graphics on T-shirts and hoodies) and home design (as candlestick holders and chandeliers) suggests a deeper societal meaning. To be sure, in various cultures, antlers symbolize masculine aggression, regeneration, sacrifice, financial stability and, in some cases, Satanism (see Joan Fontaine in “The Witches”). In popular culture, they are likely to mean something else entirely, but what?

Raz Keren, a men’s wear designer who uses a stag’s skull as a logo, gave it a stab. Mr. Keren sees the antler’s appearance in fashion as a reaction to current political events.

“People are tired of dealing with war and death,” he said. “This is their protest.”

Anonymous said...

It is interesting. I did see animals in art become popular right after 911. Specifically antlers.

I sort of do see it as folks being tired of seeing war and atrocities. That reverting back to animal symbols they are focusing back on primal urges. Needs. For security. For something pure.

Jax CAL said...

It would be cool to have a group show with artists from all over the world who are using these types of icons.

Anonymous said...

If There’s a Buck in It Somewhere....

Great article AO. Some interesting theories.

That's as it applys to fashion mostly. Wonder how it applies to fine artists who in the most part are not supposed to be making designs for the fashion world unless they are graphic designers.

Anonymous said...

This brings up another question?

What's up with all the monsters?

And what's up with all the cartoony artwork?

Ten years ago Juxtapoz was frowned upon in the art world. Now it's the gold standard.

I like Juxtapoz but wonder how and when it became accepted by academia?

Low Art is now Hight Art. How did that happen?

It's cool. Just wondering. There are MFA candidates coming out with cartoony monster art now. Ten years ago they wouldn't have been able to graduate.

AO said...

Anon - in ref to the article, I think that fashion is being influenced in some way from the art world. Trends tend to go that way and push from the obscure to the mainstream.

And the cartoony monsters are everywhere. I first saw them in the indie craft world, like the ones in the MOCA store.

Does anyone on the board reference either in their work?

Anonymous said...

agreed. the fashion world is often times influenced by the art world.

roman bradley said...

the first person I can think of to use an antler in a painting is Julian Schnabel.
and Julian Schnabel's market is on the surge. after he made basquiat, and before night falls, he put some time in making artwork. he has tremendous influence in new york city, both now in design and fashion and also film and music.

you may not like his work. he's having two shows this month and his next movie is coming out next year.

puff daddy, russel simons, poets, the guys at chelsea hotel all are into schnabel and schnabel's son Vito not but a mere 21 is solely representing artists. They say he'll be the next leo castelli.

Ron Gorchov is solely represented by him. Julian Schnabel has made himself a powerhouse.

I'd love to meet him. I respect him for much of what he's done. Especially some of his early sculpture. Also from a small southern city. Brownsville Texas.

Byron said...

I've always thought Julian Schnabel was one of the bad boys.

That's interesting about Schnabel using antlers. Wasn't aware of that. Do you know specifically waht piece?

He is a trend setter that's for sure. He's a damn good movie director too. Would love to have dinner with him one day. Think I'd pee my pants by being so intimidated by being so close to him.

That would be like having dinner with Picasso or something.

Anyways. Yes to Julian Schnabel. I hope more folks look at his work.