Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Pushing a stroller through coolness.

Went to Artwalk tonight and damn there were a lot of folks walking around. And man did I not feel cool. I don't know what happened but Jacksonville is cool now. It's like all the kids from San Fran and New York who couldn't afford the rent decided to move back to Jax. I don't have one tattoo. I'm pushing a stroller. I don't drink. But it was cool.

Cool to be around something cool. Cool to remember what it was like when I was cool. Now my curfew is not set by my parents but by my screaming toddler. I didn't take any photos. I wish I did. Opaq gallery has a great show up right now curated by Ryan Rummell. It's a painting show. Nice paintings. Really nice mix of work. The work in the Burrito Gallery is definitely interesting.

The bike show was fun. Great tunes. Live music. DJs. The weather was perfect. The streets were packed. We explored the old library. Our little girl ran like a wild deer through the vacant downstairs floor. I love it there. The renovation of the old library will be the best thing to happen to Jacksonville since the Superbowl. And then we went home.


AO said...

I went too. My hubby is off this week, so I talked him into it. Where did all of these 'cool' people come from! ;)

Seriously, we had a great time. It was a good vibe, everyone we passed spoke and/or smiled. We were there early, so we could see it build. We went to the Landing for dinner and by the time we left the crowd doubled. Also ventured down to the manuscript museum which was unfortunately deserted with the exception of two men intently studying maps. They had a elementary student exhibit that I sure hope more than a few people saw. I have a few pictures I can share.


Jax CAL said...

Post those bad boys.

Glad you had a good time.

It had a great turn out this month.

roman bradley said...

the weather was unusually good too.

I came late. too late probably I couldn't see all the shows. everything was packed. It made me happy to see burrito swarming with people. Though I also gladly avoided it. I remember standing there when th at building was a hollow shell.

You have to give it to the developement people for putting their time in it. What's going on with the old main library? are they going to use it for art too or something else? That would be a perfect place for a ps.1 type function.

Byron said...

roman. This is off of Tony's blog,


“Redeveloping this building will be a unique opportunity to preserve for future generations a classic example of 1960’s modern art and architecture that will never be duplicated, while making it a productive asset in downtown’s revitalization. We see this building, with its great architecture, tenant mix and location, as becoming the new retail and entertainment hub of downtown Jacksonville, “said Tony
Allegretti, one of the project’s partners.

This project is significant as it results in increasing the tax base by having a vacant public building, currently not on the tax rolls, being developed into an improved privately-owned structure, with no city incentives being utilized.

“This offering of a mixed-use project providing residential, retail and entertainment continues to add to the critical mass needed to build momentum for downtown,” said Mayor Peyton.

“The addition of the proposed retail to the area will create vitality at the street level and further engage pedestrians enjoying Jacksonville’s revitalized downtown.”

Main Branch plans to have the confirmed stores open within a year.