Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Having Trouble Selling Out?

Then some of you may find this helpful, or at least interesting.

"The Web 2.0" has given us blogs, myspace, YouTube, flickr, and a host of other community-based personal networking sites where one can promote themselves, share their work and meet others like them all over the world. There's even Xpeeps, a personal networking site exactly like myspace but for... porn stars (!), both professional and amateur. ..

In the same vein, the notorious British ad-executive-turned-art-gallery-superbrand) Charles Saatchi has started up a personal networking (you show me yours I'll show you mine) site for young contemporary artists. Called Stuart, (a mashup of, I assume, the words Student and Art) the site works kind of like myspace, except far less fluidly. Nevertheless, I posted a few images on there last winter and so far I have recieved minimal spam, updates on ways I can sell my soul to the Saatchi enterprise, and, actually, some helpful feedback on my work from people in other countries. I was recently asked by someone who saw my work on Stuart to be in a show in Berlin.

The best thing about Stuart is that you can scan student works from hundreds if not thousands of young student artists. While a little nauseating, Stuart is one way you can Art It Up in the global sphere while seeing what else is out there.

Just puttin that out there.


Mark Creegan said...

I think Zac is up on Saatchi's "Your Gallery". There was an interesting short article on him and his web stuff in the latest New Yorker.

Thanks for the info. I did not know how effective that particular site is. I was afraid of it cuz the some of the work is kinda bad. I am on Artist Space and Uber ( a site from California). Nothing has come from those.

I have a report in the works about Miami which I visited last week. I will put it up asap. Ive been busy this week, going camping tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

been busy today. slammed really. thanks though. will check it out for sure.


zac said...

I did join the Saatchi network. You can join as a "Stuart" member, like Jaime said for students, or a "Your Gallery" member which is... you guessed it... for non-students. Haven't had anything come of it yet, but I haven't spent a lot of time with it.

I also came across another artist networking platform called which I joined. This one offers similar stuff. You can build a network of friends, send comments, etc. etc. and there running a contest right now for a show in NY with bonuses.

If anybody joins these things please send me a invite, join, buddy-up, comment, whatever it is you're suppose to do so we can link up. Jaime, now I know your on Saatchi, I'll send you an invite thinga-ma-jigger. I've been hesitant and suspicious of these art community websites. I'm glad you shared a story of it working for a show opportunity. That's awesome!

For non-art there's If you've ever thought myspace could work better multiply is for you. My wife and I love how the multiply site works. It works great for family and close friend networking. You can post galleries of photos, galleries of videos, and host your blog all without clutter. It's really very efficient.

That's it. Gonna check out yours too Mark.

Jaime Verde said...

Yeah, I just posted up like one or two images, and was surprised that people got back to me. I share your suspicion about artist networking sites. It seems like too good an opportunity for sharks to prey on a group of folks desperate to make it. Who knows, maybe the show invite I got is phoney?

Anonymous said...

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