Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Here's an Idea

It was mentioned in a previous post that "we artists" should approach the museum with a curated local show in a space other than the fifth floor Blue Cross Blue Shield gallery. It was shot down in a hurry by other posters.

I am not particularly sure that this is what Jacksonville artists need either; as I think that there are plenty of other venues that contemporary artists can start with, and then work their way up to a show at MOCA after they have been showing in THIS AREA for some time. Now, I know what you are going to say about this...what venues for contemporary artists are you talking about?

Well, it may not be as glamorous at MOCA but what about the artist who have been finding those unused spaces around town for shows? Byron's "Digital to Physical" show at 9th and Liberty, all the Theif in the Knight shows at the W.A. Knight Building, the Travel show that opened at one of the artwalks last year, the "I'm Bored" skateboard deck show a year or two ago that was at The Pit, the Art Open House show at 1951 Market, the countless beach art shows put on by Joe VanDyke (sp?), and although we all talk smack about the Art Center artists at the Carling and now the Adams building, they at least have gotten off their booties and tried to do something. Not to mention, the actual galleries that we have here, which I am sure we all already know, Opaq, Bogda, Jane Gray, Screen Arts Gallery in St. Augustine, etc.

Okay, now that I have gotten off track, I will meander back on to the path. Here is some hope for the future for all of those who want nothing more than a little, teeny, tiny exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville...San Jose Museum of Art will now start holding shows they are calling "one night stands". These shows are intended to support contemporary artists from the area for one night mini-exhibitions, which they will be doing every couple of months. Sounds pretty cool.


Mark Creegan said...

I agree about finding another space in the same way others have (i have always admired the Center folks for getting things going).

I say a group of us meet to start searching, while considering some of the spaces that are now available (at least seemingly). It could also be a series of different locations.

Also today I have been thinking about a show that is more of a survey of the best art in all these "circles". I know my previous statements have been "cutting edge" , but lately I have been thinking that approach may be disingenuous. I mean, perhaps a true survey approach is needed to get the entire community involved. And if such a show continues in the furture we would probably see things become more and more cutting edge on its own.

Anyway those are my thoughts today, more research is needed.

Anonymous said...

The whole problem with conventional art making is that it needs an actual space to show it.

If the artists that are selected for the show Mark is talking about did not have to have a space to show their work there would be no issue.

So maybe we could start by curating this show to the gills then showing the work online?

Maybe after successfully curating the show online we could then move into a physical space? If there was some sort of award to the artists selected for the show, be in mometary or other, it could make showing on the online space a real competition and something to be proud of?

Artists work often gets selected for an online gallery but very few get money for it?

If the space thing is the real issue then lets cut out the space.

Or even this, maybe the artists house or studio is the space for the actual show? So after getting selected for the show there is a traveling exhibit to the artist's studio?

Where there's a will there's a way sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Jacksonville needs a Chris Burden.
If we had an absolutely sensational artist that could carry the cross so to speak and wake up the old Bible belt Southern bells we could raise eyebrows and create shock and awe.

That's what we need. Some good old fashoin shock and awe.

Read the article below. Found it on the news links on this site on the left. Pretty interesting...

Mark Creegan said...

hereis the link mentioned above.

Shock and awe huh? Well assuming youre serious, ya think thats possible anymore? I think it boils down to the level of ambition, not about a career, i mean how ambitious is the art? I think several ambitious artists are whats needed. One superstar would just be seen as a lark, and once wisked away to the bigger city, such an artist would disown Jax (perhaps,its happened before). I also think variety is needed, paintings are great but we really need other artforms as well.

I think competition (along with cooperation) is a good force in this. I was talking to a local artist friend about an art project he is working on. It sounded really interesting and part of me felt pride and happiness in his accomplishment, AND part of me felt like I really needed to step it up and do better than him! Crazy I know, but both responses are good i think.

I like the online idea too. It may be a good way to advertise and convince powers-that-be who could help in aquiring an actual space.

How about a show in Second Life?

Byron said...

Where is Second Life?

I do think a group of artists who have ideas as interesting as Chris Burden could definitely shake it up.

One artist would be a good start.

If his earlier work was done today here in jacksonville it would definitely wake some people up. I think.

Just another opinion...

Mabye we should focus on the concepts for the work instead of talking about having a show?

Maybe this could be a place where artists talk about their concepts and get feedback on them from other artists?

zac said...

I still like the idea of an annual contemporary show.

Consider it like UNF's Senior Art Show. Every year you get to see what kind of art is being produced by graduating students. It's a gauge as to the effectiveness of the faculty and a starting point for debate. It might expose that Jax is attracting a lot of photography students or it might expose that the school should invest in a better ceramics studio (just an example, I don't know).

Now the students may do plenty of other shows during the year and they may experiment a lot during the year, but the Senior Show is something to unify around. For the artist, a key event to display what they think was most important this year and for patrons, a key event to see what the hell UNF art students are into these days.

I think an annual contemporary show would bring artists, patrons, and critics from the varying art circles together. I've seen a non-mixing of the groups and it's a shame.

I also don't think alienating MoCa is healthy. They are exactly the type of establishment to rally behind. It doesn't have to be MoCa, I just think promoting an event like this shouldn't be held in a temporary space. You would be sabotaging the effort if you didn't acknowledge all the elements of what the show meant. So ask yourself, is contemporary art in Jax still underground and difficult to follow?

I also liked the idea of a guest curator, I mean something like this shouldn't be curated by artists that's my bad idea. But actually I think a small committee of local curators would be able to assemble the pulse of Jax the best. Or a local committee of 3 plus a guest.

Anonymous said...

Zac. Not sure if alienating MOCA was ever the intention of any of the comments. George and peeps were invited to be a part of this blog three times now by myself. So I don't think it was the intention of myself to alienate them.

If they are open and receptive to new ideas then I'm all for it. The question is are they open to input from the community?

Your show idea is brilliant as are a lot of the ideas that have been stated. But how to have them come to fruition without a space is the real issue? If the only spaces that we can get are temporary then it's better than nothing, isn't it?How to have anything come of these concepts without the support of the true Art Patrons that run in the MOCA circle?


CREATEjacksonville said...

A couple of things...

I graduated from UNF a while back, and just wanted to add some insight on the whole Senior Show thing. I love your optimism about what the Senior Shows are all about; and I agree that is what they SHOULD be about. Unfortunately, in my experience at UNF, that is not always the case. I know firsthand thatsome, not all, students tend not to put their best work in the Senior Show at UNF specifically for two reasons.

One- The show is not juried, so you don't have to put your best work in to be in the show. If you are a senior, you get a certain number of feet to display work.
Two- The student show immediately follows the Senior Show, and THAT is juried. So, some might think they need to reserve their best or most recent work for a shot at getting into the Student Show.
This can leave the Senior Show feeling stale.

That said, I want to say that I am not, in anyway, trying to put UNF down. I loved going to school there, and I think the program is very strong. BUT maybe something could be done to take care of this issue? Something as simple as making the Senior Show juried as well? I don't know. Just a thought.

Next topic...
I agree that completely alienating MOCA is not a good idea. I think we, or at least I, am just saying that artists don't need to rely on MOCA for validation. We have plenty of other resources, which leads to my next question.

Why can't an annual contemporary show be held in a temporary space?

I do not understand how "you would be sabotaging the effort if you didn't acknowledge all the elements of what the show meant."

What does the show mean? And why would that make Jacksonville's art scene "underground" and/or "difficult to follow"?

*I am not trying to start an arguement- just a conversation. I have the best of intentions.

Anonymous said...

The reason I think a lot of folks think showing at MOCA validates their work is because there is an actual art patronage there?

People who are willing to pay good money for great work.

The current scene is sort of underground because no one is willing to pay anything for work unless it's gotten the MOCA gold stamp of approval.

It seems artists that are currently making any decent money on sells here for their work are part of the MOCA circle. Just an observation. Not trying to stir up the old Flog George pot.

CREATEjacksonville said...

Me either...

BUT don't you think we might be able to change some people's mind about only buying art with the MOCA stamp of approval if we had a strong show with the best work from this area in a place other than MOCA? Otherwise, aren't we just perpetuating that cycle?

Anonymous said...

Definitely think it would be a step in the right direction even if there weren't any sells to come from it.