Monday, June 4, 2007

Any of you interested in meeting?

Maybe in person? Since we can do so. Since we
all live in Duval county? Put a face with a name?

Maybe set up a monthly meeting? Or at least have one?
Could be a good idea. Could be a bad idea.

What's good about this blog is that we all live relatively
close to each other. I think we should take advantage of it.


Jaime Verde said...

Um, hello?

I'm all for it. Perhaps we should meet at some venue at ArtWalk? Hey maybe at MOCA- the contentious place whose issues became the genesis of this blog? We could take over the ArtExplorium Loft and do a performance/installation in there!

Or maybe we could habitually meet at a particular spot? Maybe at 9th & Liberty? Or Burrito Gallery?

It would definitely help with the whole, y'know, COMMUNITY thing we all wish there was more of around here...

I'm down for anything, but I go to bed early these days.

zac said...

Yea, I'm all for it. Name time and place.

Anonymous said...

I would like to meet up too.

This is Brittni. My identiity thing is still not working, so I have to use anonymous to post anything.

Jax CAL said...

I like all of Jamies ideas for meeting spots.
Any other suggestions? Times?

Maybe it should be a day other than the Artwalk
though as I really like scrambling around free like
a chicken with my head cut off during that time.

It's hard enough for me to meet up with myself.
Too much to see. Too little time.

So cool to see MOCA Jax on here. Who is the poster?
I wonder? I invited the whole staff almost.

Mark Creegan said...

meeting, good.

Jax CAL said...

Let's work on a time that's good for at least the ones who responded?

Sound like a plan?

Jaime Verde said...

How about Saturday at your house, Byron?

Mark Creegan said...

Saturday afternoon? I teach all day till bout 4pm. But im sure noone wants to take up saturday nights

Jax CAL said...

Maybe we could meet for coffee one afternoon next week?

CREATEjacksonville said...

I am available almost anytime. Whatever is best for you guys.

Jaime Verde said...

I'm free Fridays.

Mark Creegan said...

Fridays r good for me.

Jax CAL said...

Friday at Riverside Starbucks?

Are you in?