Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer Cinema at MOCA

How does everyone feel about our summer film series? We have it on Wednesdays because of our Target Free Wednesday Night and partly because of ArtWalk. The Museum is already open late so it is a good fit. Also, movie goers can come early and see the gallery space for free courtesy of Target. Is 7:00pm a good start time? Has the movie selection been interesting? Is there something that you would rather see? How can we sell out EVERY week? Do you like the new Q&A on the second Wednesday? If so, what else would you like to see that night? Does anyone have a lead on a dynamite special guest? We are still working on our last Q&A for the summer. The movie is An Inconvenient Truth.

And now for my shameless plug. This week is Iron Giant. As David Edelstein put this week on Sunday Morning, it is "a sci-fi movie, set in the fifties, about a kid who befriends a colossal robot from space that the government wants to destroy. In its sense of wonder, "The Iron Giant" is worthy of comparison with Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. Spielberg influenced (writer/director Brad) Bird in all the right ways, like the way characters seize the foreground: Even in 2-D, they pop out." The Iron Giant is based upon the 1968 story, Iron Man, by the British poet laureate Ted Hughes. Bird's newest movie, Ratatouille opens this weekend so come out to MOCA Jacksonville this Wednesday for MOCA in the Middle and get your magic started. And if a movie isn't your thing, don't miss tonight's musical guests… The Bath Party. Grab a drink and enjoy the great music in the Atrium. Or better yet, come for early for happy hour. Listen to the great music. Have some drinks. Get dinner at Café Nola AND then take in the movie… a perfect evening to give you a break to your busy work week.


Jax CAL said...

Wednesday night sounds fine to me to coincide with the free night. It might be a good idea to try and do it on a Friday or something for regular working folks?

I have a hard time doing anything on a weekday night. I'm an old hag though and we have a little girl to raise.

Did you happen to run the flat file concept by George?

madeleine said...

I love that it is on Weds night. It's a great break in the week, because along comes Friday and I'm either too pooped to go out, or I don't want to hang out in a dark theatre. So that's my take (then again, I don't have kids...).

But, I love that the museum is open longer hours at least once a week. It makes it much easier to access.

MOCA Jacksonville said...

jaxCAL thank you for your comments. We are thinking about another night. I like Friday as well. And it isn't JUST a kid thing although I do understand.

George has been travelling quite a bit recently and I have been very busy with varied projects so I haven't had time to fully educate myself on the flat file idea and I do want to understand it well so I can speak to him in an intelligent way. I did talk to one of the other director's here to see what he thought. He, too, felt that it was more or a gallery thing. BUT I will look into it more and bring it to George. On another note, a few of us have been talking amongst ourselves and may have come up with an alternate plan. Of course, as always, things will have to be run by the powers that be.

Madeleine… thank you for your commnets as well…

Jax CAL said...

Did you tell them that another Contemporary museum is doing it?

Did you get a chance to look at that one entry that goes over all of what St. Louis is doing?

they are using the flat file idea and they are a similar type organization.

thanks for asking around about it.

CREATEjacksonville said...

I, unfortunately, have yet to make it to a movie night at MOCA. I am not the biggest film fan you will ever see, but I do watch a desent amount of films. I assume I am not far off from most people around here, as far as that goes.

I would say, personally, the reason why I have not made it up there yet is because I haven't really been moved to the point of going based on what I already knew of the film.

I could be wrong about this, so please correct me if I am. But I have noticed that few movies have an easy link to a trailer or multiple visuals from the film. I would consider myself a visual person; so, if I was able to see a snipet of film or some stills, maybe that would interest me to the point of getting up off my ass on a Wednesday night to go see it. The word descriptions for each movie, I am afraid, just don't cut it for me personally, unless I am already familiar with the film.

I want to be clear. I AM NOT TRYING TO BASH MOCA OR MOCA IN THE MIDDLE IN ANYWAY. I am only trying to add to the mix my personal view on this. I DO THINK that MOCA is doing a good job trying to advertise for these such events AND I am pleased that they are attempting said public events so frequently. Kudos for that!