Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Devil's Backbone

Wednesday night, MOCA Jacksonville continues its Summer Film Series with Guillermo del Toro's gripping film.

The story takes place in 1939, at the end of the civil war in Spain. A ten-year-old boy (Fernando Tielve) is left by his tutor in an orphanage in the middle of nowhere. He is shy and has problems making friends. The orphanage is run by a curt but considerate headmistress and a kindly professor who are both sympathetic to the doomed Republican cause. Despite their concern for him, and his gradual triumph over the usual schoolhouse bully, the boy never feels completely comfortable in his new environment and soon discovers that there is a dark presence in the house.

In this tale of love and betrayal, Del Toro masterfully communicates the horrors of war as it effects people, especially children.

The film starts at 7:00pm. So start ArtWalk early and then drop by the Museum for happy hour before the film.


Jaime Verde said...

Hey MOCA Jacksonville! Thanks for joining up and posting your goings on!

For anyone who saw and enjoyed 'Pan's Labyrinth' you should certainly check out this flick. It is by the same director and has a similar theme. I'm going to encourage my students at UNF to come out and see it.

Speaking of ArtWalk night, I'm leading a screenprint-centric tour of the 3rd floor of MOCA at 5:30 on Wednesday for my screenprint students.

All are welcome to come and hear me ramble on about Rauchenberg, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Pollack, Katz, Albers and other luminaries.

See you all there!

Byron said...

definitely. welcome MOCA Jax.

frickin A.

MOCA Jacksonville said...

Thank you all for the invite. Things are a bit crazy for me here, but I will post as I can. I only wish I had more time to see all the great shows in town. I am ALWAYS open to hearing any suggestions for the Museum. I can't promise anything as I am only one person, but I can certainly put forth a few new ideas and would be happy to do so.

Jax CAL said...

Thanks MOCA Jax for joining once again and offering to listen.

I think the easiest way to create change would be to have a curated flat file of the best contemporary artists in Jacksonville that is curated by an outside curator on a yearly basis.
Check out Pierogii 2000 in Williamsburg. http://www.pierogi2000.com/. It eliminates the fight over wall space.

If we had a flat file like that it would allow the local art community to feel that they had an ongoing presence in the museum.

That would be an easy way to create change and foster an ongoing relationship with the local art community.

If you read some earlier posts there were a ton of amazing concepts people came up with though. Thanks for listening and joining.

Jax CAL said...

Also see:


MOCA Jacksonville said...

JaxCAL, I took a look at the flat flie idea. Personally I like it but I'm not sure it would work here at the Museum. It seems to me to be more of a Gallery thing, but keep in mind, I am only the webmaster and couldn't represent the Museum's position on this.

I will mention it to George. It is his decision. You should send him a letter and maybe even one to the new Director. Keep in mind that she doesn't start for a month or so.

Jax CAL said...

Thanks. Actually it all started with a post that Mark Creegan made about MOCA St. Louis:

So I know it can work for a museum too. They got the idea from Perogi 2000 though.

Actually all of the St. Louis ideas are brilliant and could work here. If it can work there?

Thanks for trying though. Really cool of you.

Wish Goerge would join and be a part of this too. I've invited him several times.