Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hey MOCA I have a Question for You

I was wondering if anyone from MOCA would like to comment or share more info on the newly appointed director, Deborah C. Broder. I have already read flog, in what I am assuming is a press release, BUT does anyone have any info on Deborah as a person? Who is she? Is she from outside of Jacksonville or inside the community? What does this mean for MOCA? Plans?

Thanks in advance.


MOCA Jacksonville said...

I really cannot comment on that. And I don't personally know anything about her even if I could. All I know is what I found online. Try Googling her. I do look forward to her starting here and commend George on all the progress he made during his term.

CREATEjacksonville said...

Thanks for replying MOCA. I appreciate it.

I understand if you can't talk about it. I am just anxious to know more about her. I will try googling as you suggested.

Anyone else know anything?

Jax CAL said...

I know nothing other than what the web has told me. She has been working at the Cummer as their director. She worked with Preston Haskell in order to get funding for the Egypt show. While there she's helped to increase membership!

She has an MBA.

That's all I know.

I liked the Flog comment about how she eats babies but I doubt that's true.

madeleine said...

I believe she used to be the director for Riverside Fine Arts. Another homegrown hero.

Jaime Verde said...

I believe she has been Director of Development at the Cummer, not the Director of the Museum. Her track record in development (getting the folks with the cash to give it) is great. She's a smart businessperson. That's what MOCA needs right now to become the institution we need it to be.

It's a new day and a better day is coming! I hope.

madeleine said...

I think that her assignment to the position also raises questions about the role a director takes.

What is the primary role of the museum director, is she a fundraising entity, does she break new artistic/curatorial ground, or is she the goodwill ambassador to the community?


Jax CAL said...

Good questions Madeleine. I had always thought that the director was more of a figure head myself.

Didn't think they had much to do with the artistic side of the house. So maybe she's a good fit. Money is definitely something the museum needs so having someone who is good at raising it is a good idea?

I think?

The only thing that makes me wonder is how quickly the position was filled.
Makes me think it was sort of a done deal as soon as George decided to step
down. I really think it might have been better to get someone outside of Jacksonville
to stir up the pot. I'm a bit concerned that folks that are already connected locally
through the museum game have all the same players in mind and are not open
to working with someone outside of their immediate circle.

We're all meeting today at Starbucks Riverside at 4:30. Be there or be square.

Would like to concept on a public piece collaboration if everyone is down?

madeleine said...

Indeed, I too had hoped for a person outside of Jacksonville, it makes me wonder about the board's level of involvement/control. Perhaps they're happier having someone onboard, that they know is, well, onboard with their line of thinking. But then again, I could be completely wrong.

I guess time will tell.