Friday, June 8, 2007

Felix Gonzalez Torres

I just found an interview online that I am really excited about. It is a reading by these two poets of an interview from 1993 between the artists Tim Rollins and Felix Gonzalez Torres. Its such a personal, raw interview. So many things are said that hit home for me. I could listen to it a thousand times and not get bored. It comes in two parts here:

Here are some images of Felix's work.

UPDATE: FGT is representing the USA at the Venice Biennale.
He died in 1996


Mark Creegan said...

Sum mo thoughts this Saturday morn:
This idea of "generosity" in artmaking kicks my ass. FGT is generous in a practical sense in that viewers are allowed to take pieces of candy or sheets of paper. ANd as they do the artworks disappear, are ingested or pinned to walls and cubicles. But whats great is the idea of generosity is an organizing factor in the work, the goal of being generous determines the materials used and the form. The economical use of form is a result of setting up a complex relationship between the artist, those that care for the art, and the vistitor/viewer.

We learn these concepts of ecomomy, repetition, balance, etc in design classes. Later or hopefully during, we understand those to NOT be ends in of themselves. And it is important to allow other concepts, like "generosity", to be organizing principles as well.

Im just plannig my classes on the blog, sorry:)

Byron said...

One interesting part of the interview said even though he might be dealing with as you say "generosity" he is still making objects that can be collected by the market.

Definitely would like to learn more about him.