Saturday, June 2, 2007

Art Agenda

I came across Art Agenda last year and subscribed to their email newsletter. It's free and it is another great way to stay current with what's happening across the globe in contemporary art. Every few days or so (it varies) you get an exhibition announcement with who-what-when-where, a picture of the art, and a brief yet insightful paragraph or two about the artist. There's no critique or opinions, which is nice, it's only an announcement of a recent opening.

1 comment:

Jax CAL said...

That's really cool. It's nice to know all of that's out there.

I'll definitely subscribe.

I like to stay in the know. It's so hard these days with so many blogs, and sites out there.

Which one to check?

Any thoughts on there being too many sources?

Is that a good thing or has it caused a saparation?