Friday, July 27, 2007

Call to Artists

Seriously if you are interested in showing soon put your info in the comments field with a link to your web site or shoot .jpegs of your work to

There is a Contemporary Arts Center materializing with the future space being a very large building. Lots of space. Several shows need to be filled pronto, so if you have work for us to look at please post it or send it.

Thanks All...


jim draper said...

Now that the dust has all settled.
I thank everyone for tolerating
my crumudgeoness (new word),
It makes me very sad that it is so
hard for one to make his (her) way
in the arts. In the day, Steve and I (pedestrian)
were committed to providing a venue
for art, whether it was produced locally, or not. I do think that
Pedestrian as a venue did a lot to
move art to a different level in Jacksonville. I did paint vigorously for several years and am
proud that my physical efforts were
able to help the bigger picture.
My mind and body won't let me do that any more. Frankly, I haven't
been able to paint like that for
at least a year. Now, I am doing
totally different work, actually,
more in the vein of traditional landscape, which I adore. And it is good. The work is slow and difficult, the reduced volume of
work makes me have to me more cerebral at every turn.
I am here, as always, with a life-long commitment towards making
a better world in which artists can
exist. Let's have a meeting at
my place in September to figure out
how we can all help have a great
alternative space/project room/
i.e. Saltbox, Eye Drum, etc.
Just want to help make it work.
Just be aware that I will say things that are not appropriate
and challenge mind-sets. But isn't
that a huge part of what art is all
hummm. maybe

Byron said...


Definitely down for meeting. Thanks for the input on your process. It's great to get inside your head for a second.

really glad to see you joined JaxCAL. This is a great start towards tearing down perceived invisible walls that exist in Jacksonville between local artists.

I am definitely glad you were honest and we were able to start a dialogue. I think one of the problems is folks are scared to be honest about how they feel here and then these walls get built. I really see JaxCAL as an open forum for discussion for evolving Jacksonville contemporary art. Folks shouldn't be scared to say exactly what they want here or anywhere. I'm glad we have been able to put this behind us.

Just give us a holler when you feel like meeting up and we can discuss creating a new space. We have a list of show ideas already. Some of them are rather interesting and could really help stir the pot.

Let's keep communicating. Please feel free to post and invite anyone you want here. It's your blog. It's our blog, so on and so forth.
Everyone is an administrator.

cheers Jim.


Sheree Rensel said...

I am for anything that will promote contemporary art in Florida! I am in St. Petersburg. I would love to be on your artist's list!!
Sheree Rensel

Byron said...

Here's Sheree's url. The other one seems to be a typo...

Awesome Sheree.... Thanks for posting your info.

Sheree Rensel said...

OH MY GOSH Byron!! After typing my URL a zillion times, I made a mistake!! Oh geesh!!!
You are right!

That's it!!

Pedestrian Projects said...

wizzle for shizzel

Pedestrian Projects said...

you are so right. back in the day a trip that was 10 years ago. anyway, i like the dialog going on
what happened to seesaw space
that was such a great thing.
byron has alot of energy and a great eye..........i never really caught on to what was going on with that blog that i destroyed by my post. i dont even know what i was saying..........but you probably understood. no one really understood that phenomenon of your work and sheer quantity of paintings that you sold. pretty amazing stuff.

jim draper said...

Yes, it was a great ride with it all.
Maturing is also great. I spend forever on paintings now both at the
conceptual stage and in the execution. What we all learned from
working so hard is something that could never be replace.
I am excited and delighted to share

Brian Gray said...

Hey Byron. You now Im down with doing this thing. Would be great to be in a gallery just for folks like us. Put me down on the list man. Would be a blast!-Brian G

Scott Allen said...

Hey Bryon,
I would love to contribute some way (i.e showing, advertising, set-up, etc.)
Let me know,
oh, here is some work..
and my painting blog..
and can't forget..