Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Interesting Read

I found this on the Salon.com website...it's an interesting summation of a new book, "The Trap," that looks at the disparity between "our" generation and previous ones, especially those of the 60s and 70s.




Jax CAL said...

I read this. Very interesting. I'm a bit torn myself because although I have massive debts and family obligations, I still feel I'm a bit of a revolutionary. Or trying to be.

So maybe I can't take off and join the Peace Corp right now, but I try and fight my battles after my day job, after our little girl goes to bed.

Maybe there is a stronger sense of responsibility since we all have our debt to pay and obligations that makes it more of a battle between losing your passion and finding time for it?

Finding time for it is the hardest part, but if it's truly your passion then there should always be a way. Passion is close to addiction. You can't tell an artist that he doesn't have time to create, just as much as you can't tell a heroine addict that he doesn't have time to shoot up?

Would be much easier with a little less debt, and the freedom to travel the world, but that would be too easy. Maybe the things that are worth while are worth fighting for.

madeleine said...

Well-put Byron.

Byron said...

thanks. wasn't trying to be preachy but dang if you want it bad enough suffer a little.