Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jax Media Collab

I am interested in starting a multimedia lab for artists and others who are interested in creating their own short films or digital projects in a collaborative setting. I'm interested in seeing how many artists and others out there with traditional fine art backgrounds would be interested in learning web design, 3-d modeling and motion graphics software in order to enhance their own artistic practices.

Schools are too expensive for most, or me, to afford. They are inconvenient and the rate of learning is at a snails pace. The concept for the media lab would have folks from all types of backgrounds assemble at their leisure to engage with a group of like minded knowledge hungry individuals who are interested in learning new technology and seeing their vision come to life.

In the future there might have to be a small monthly fee for it to work. What's the most a month that you would pay for something like this to come to life? Ideally their would be workstations with all needed software for students to use at their leisure and possibly discounts on buying workstations for home use with all needed software.

Of course this is just a brain fart, but if there was something like this here in Jacksonville I myself would be on it like white on rice. It would grow the knowledge base of traditional artists in Jax and allow cross pollination between artists from other fields. There's no telling what type of artwork would come out of it in the process.


SharlaTV said...

I love this idea and I would personally want to try this process.

Byron said...

Thanks Sharla. Glad you like it. I'd be down with something like this too.

Possibly since workstations would be limited also, folks would be selected on a review of their portfolios?

Would want only the best and brightest to collaborate with. Possibly there would be a quarterly review of portfolios to keep it fresh.

Mark Creegan said...

Yes this could be great. I have been researching Matthew Barney lately and have been interested in his idea of dissolving the boundaries between media. His way of interrelating sculpture,drawing,and film, perhaps this could open new doors for painters, sculptors,etc to introduce other media into their work.

sign me up

madeleine said...

I think this is a great begining, I was talking with George Kinghorn the other day, and he and I got to talking about a Contemporay Art Center as a place where local artists could not only exhibit, but that reached out into the community.

So, my long winded answer is, yes, I'd be very interested in learning how to do things other than type and upload goofy pics on my Mac.

Andrew said...

I think we have a good start here. Byron and I have been talking about this and both thought it would be a great idea, and seeing the response so far it's very exciting.

I work in the motion graphics/3d animation field and originally Byron showed an interest in learning some of it and it developed into this idea over several emails. I, we, think it would good for traditional artists to learn a new perspective on things and maybe try something new with a different media.

I think our preliminary idea is to craft a short film. There is a series called Psst! Pass It On where one artists creates a first and last frame for their section and passes the last frame on to the next artist(s) and that artist creates a last frame for his piece and passes it on. They then create the stuff in-between and at the end they put it together a short film and the results are amazing. I think we can do a similar thing with a story and each person can pass their piece of the story on the next person to add to it.

Once the story is complete we can create the artwork, visuals, etc, and bring it all into the computer and bring it to life.

Again, I'm really excited abou this. I love sharing knowledge and I think a group of us getting together will spark creativity that isn't attainable alone.

Here's a link the Psst! Pass It On series:
Psst! Pass It On

CREATEjacksonville said...

wow! andrew that sounds like an amazing idea. i am definitely interested in this. let me know more details when its starts coming together.

Mark Creegan said...

Oh yeah that site is sooooo good!!

Pedestrian Projects said...

i dont even know what to say, i love that site.....
i would like to try that

jim draper said...

Count me in, I have also been playing
with projected images onto and through a variety of transparent and opaque supports. (digitally challenged here, though, in need of serious help.)