Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Where did Mactruque go? Has anyone heard from him lately. I'm interested because a few years ago the media was covering him like he was the only artist in town and lately I haven't heard a peep from him.

Also, I've been wondering why folks like him haven't participated in the whole blogosphere phenomenon. Seems the web has sort of united other Jacksonville emerging artists.

I wonder why local well known artists haven't participated?


Jaime Verde said...

He was included in the benefit auction at MOCA's last MOSAIC event back in April. Don't know if his piece sold. That's the last I saw of him.

Byron said...


SharlaTV said...


He's on myspace. That's a way to see what he's up to...

SharlaTV said...

Mactruque says on myspace bulletin:

Much is abrew, myspace cadets.

On August 3rd the BADLANDS TRIO will be performing at 9th & Main
and i will be swirling about madly attending to wet art from 8 till 11.

There is more of this and that to come, but for now,
i look forward to seeing your faces on Friday.

[Performance from 9-11, $3 at the door]