Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Zune + Arts + Microsoft = Strange Brew?

Art is communication; advertising is communication. Rarely do the two exist within the same space without infringing upon each other. Usually one takes center stage ahead of the other, and both will lose a little because of it. There are exceptions to every rule though, and that's where Microsoft's Zune Arts campaign comes in. Basically, the agency, 72andSunny, hands the artists/companies a simple brief: do something about music with the theme of sharing. The results are some awesome videos that are more artistic short film than commercial.

For those of us that work in the commercial world with our talents, I think we can learn something from this campaign. It shows that when an artist is let free something really great can come of it. In Jax, it would be nice to see some local companies embrace this and sponsor campaigns like this as well. It serves the dual purpose of bringing awareness to the local artists here, but also awareness for the company and their product. If Microsoft, quite possibly the antithesis of good design/art, can do it with something like the Zune, then I'm convinced the product or company doesn't matter, it could be anything or anyone.

Check it out...would love to hear what you think.


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Byron said...

great post. right on.

wonderful. beautiful. The only
thing is it has a product behind it. sponsored
for the product but in the process brings great
art to the public.

The advertising I'm interested in these
days has become just like this. The more
vague the better. The problem is the old
dinosaur creative directors aren't getting it yet.

They still want to pop their price point and
use huge copy. If more advertising used
art as a vehicle to get more folks interested
in the products then maybe advertising wouldn't
be so intrusive and such a waste of the public

It takes balls for agencies to stand up to their
clients and tell them what will work. If not hit
the road jack.