Friday, August 24, 2007

another roadside bombing.

come see portraits of PVT #000000 and all of our fallen Trophy Soldiers at the very first opening at Pedestrian Projects.

Portent, I said Portent!
7pm Friday, August 31st Opening Reception
Location:1535 San Marco Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207.


CREATEjacksonville said...

i will be there :)

Mark Creegan said...

really fantastic work byron! I love how different each portrait is, each whith its own personality. I love how it was a presence on the web (great new main page BTW) and now we also get to see them in person.
so many issues to think about- even in a crass way i am reminded of Dick Cheney's hunting accident.

Byron said...

I really like your installation pieces you did for the show. The one hanging piece reminds me of a chandelier. And when the light was shining through the space yesterday and hit it, it reminded me of my dining room? The bowling ball pieces you installed reminded me of Jeff Koon's, aluminum bunny rabit pieces. I think it was the shinyness of the bowling balls. It's strange how you can take an object like a bowling ball and mix it with another element, the insulation foam you're using, and then it no longer looks like a bowling ball. In a way any object used in another context automatically becomes another object. at least visually. it's so great to be able to show work like this in Jax I think. can't wait to see it all come together. Never thought about Dick Cheney when making this work, but that's what is so great about contemporary work. It allows the viewer to explore inside their own perceptions. There's no wrong or right way to look at any of it.

thanks Mark. I really appreciate your feedback.

SharlaTV said...

It was great seeing these guys in person. Very handsome pieces and a great concept.

Byron said...

dang. thanks Sharla. very kind of you to say that. I really appreciate it.

Pedestrian Projects said...

you rock man
i gotta have one
you know i love em

Pedestrian Projects said...

i know this may shock you that i say this
but the presentation makes the even better
i love them all together