Sunday, August 5, 2007


many years ago (5) there was a group called ARTSTOP. The idea was to create a sort of "Chamber of Commerce" for the arts. A clearinghouse sort of group that would inventory, promote, and inform about the jacksonville contemporary art scene. We found it interesting that Jacksonville sat right where two of the major federal highways crossed and that typically everyone we talked to usually said they had been "Through" jacksonville but never stopped. A la ArtStop! This group actually at one point "became" the 5 points merchants association or the 5 points merchants association became ArtStop. It was operated as a 501c3 under Riverside Avondale Preservation. There were many successful events and immediately there were hundreds of people / volunteers involved.

The group had a great idea for a fundraiser. Instead of a Masked Ball, we were going to hold a Masking Tape Ball, where something you wore was to be made from masking tape. Someone actually made a complete ball gown out of masking tape.
The event never happened............but it was a GREAT idea............
JAXCAL should continue the group on........I dont know where the groups stands now.


Byron said...

I had no idea that this was going on back then. I really think there should be a Wiki or web site for Jax Art history where folks can populate it with all of these historical nuggets.

Would love to go to something like this.

Would be great to try and do it again.

jim draper said...

I had TOTALLY lost that one.
Remember the guy that did the
dress out of masking tape and it hung out in the back of Raw Materials
until it made everyone crazy, and then, if I remember correctly, he
got angry when we had him come pick it up. It was amazing.

Pedestrian Projects said...

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he got so mad. i felt bad about that...........i wonder who ever happened to it
that was insane.............
i wish we would have had that ball
it was a great idea