Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Skyway

was a blast tonight.

Went to the Cummer last night for the free night. Took my family. Loved looking at the Norman Rockwell there. It's my favorite in the Cummer. Watched a PBS documentary about Norman Rockwell a few months ago. I appreciate him a lot more now. Interesting how he would keep using the same models and you can actually see some of them age decades from painting to painting. My little girl loved the children's museum there. A little girl pushed her on her ass. I was pissed. Her parents didn't apologize. Went to MOCA Jax tonight for the free night also. Parked at the Skyway's Jefferson Station and took the train for the first time ever to Hemming Plaza station. 35 cents for a ride. It's a lot of fun. Like an amusement park ride almost. At least for me. For my little girl too.

MOCA Jax had the same work I've seen up already. I wondered what the concept of the bone of a horses leg on red velvet on an assemblage piece was. I tried to explain that sometimes artists are doing shout outs to other artists in art history and using that to tell inside jokes about each other to the art world to an eleven year old we are babysitting. I wondered why? I realized I'm becoming more of a fan of the Mexican muralist in my old age. Blatant symbolism is comforting. I love Rober Longo. Can't imagine printing lithographs that large. I read how he shot tennis balls at his subjects. Interesting how many types of black you can use in a piece to create tones. I checked out the the U.F. MFA exhibit. Wasn't to happy with it the first time I saw it. It's interesting how work can grow on you. I looked at the artist who does the assemblages for some time. They are new. Very different. Very zeitgeist.

My little girl ran all over the children's museum there also like a wild banshy. Then we took the Skyway back to our car and drove back to my home in Riverside. Anyways. I wanted to share with you all two FREE art filled evenings I had with my little family in Jacksonville. It was a lot of fun. It was scenic. Jacksonville is beautiful. I really mean it. I really can see what we have here and appreciate it. And see how in twenty years this will be an amazing city. I really hope sooner. I really want to help speed the maturation of the art scene here along so I can enjoy it in my thirties and not my fifties. But sometimes, like today when the sun was setting, and it's just perfect, you got to think to yourself who cares? It's beautiful here. I'm healthy. And..... everyting go-in bee ahite.


z said...

That's awesome you had a great time taking in Jax art and culture with the family. It's cool that downtown has grown as it has, but I still wonder if it's the right place for an arts district.

Who did the assemblage work? Or better yet, what did it look like, what's the subject matter, what was the material? I've been working in mixed-media and assemblage lately and am curious as to what the artist did.

Byron said...

yeah, it was good family time indeed. I'm not sure if it's the right place or not for an arts district but it seems to be the most logical place at the moment. Especially since there's the new library, MOCA Jax, and so on and so forth. If you wanted to think of the Miami Arts District, maybe something like Brooklyn in Riverside would be better since there are huge cheap warehouse spaces.

I'm all for an Arts District downtown though. Especially after seeing how the Skyway can be used to alleviate parking problems.

The assemblage work in the UF MFA show is strange. Forget the artist's name, but it's worth checking out. found objects, household objects, with little drawings, and on little shelves. all clean, and the subject matter was biomorphic in nature. reminded me of cellular growth. no subject matter. shapes, and colors. sort of out of a design magazine, with a retro feel, but new. really you should go next week for the free day and check it out Zac. sort of worth the drive I think. I had to see it twice before I liked it though?

yeah, Jax has a lot to offer. really was nice to do the two free museum days back to back. The Cummer is amazing. I find my tastes are leaning more towards the old the more new I see. There's just a, "How did they do that factor" that I don't get in the newer works.

Lara Summers said...

I love that Norman Rockwell painting. I always wonder what is going on it it. I hope the old couple is about to get good news, but I have a sad feeling that is not the case.

Byron said...

Yeah Lara,

What's going to happen in that doctor's office? They looked worried for sure. I find it interesting how his signature is smudged.

The whites in the painting pop. I wish I could see more of his work.

Here's a site I just googled about him:

He really did win the hearts of Americans. It's interesting really to be that loved as an artist and to be so troubled like he was to become a Fine Artist vs. an Illustrator.

Labels are terrible aren't they?

Roman Bradley said...

The main reason Norman Rockwell's pictures last is that he was not academic. In his form an illustrator
was in a world of his own.

My favorite artist right now to look at is Andrew Wyeth.