Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A protocol must be followed

Juried Art Exhibition protocol

It’s very important that in conducting a juried art competition that a strict protocol is adhered to. With “FLOOD”, Beaver Contemporary Art Center’s first Juried Exhibition, a protocol has been defined and set. This is done to assure that the competition is fair and unbiased. Here are the steps of protocol we are taking for “FLOOD”:

  • An out-of-town juror has been selected to jury the exhibition. This insures that the juror is unfamiliar with the artist’s of this region.
  • The artists in the Beaver committee have agreed not to enter the competition.
  • Names will be omitted from all entries. Each entry will be given a number and transferred to one or more master disks for the juror. This way the artist’s names will not appear on the disks or disk covers. The juror will only receive the numbered digital images with the matching (numbered) sheet that indicates title, medium and size.
  • There will be no communication with the juror regarding the entries. If the juror were to jury the exhibition in person, our group (if present) would be trained on being silent during the selection process. No verbal or visual signals will be allowed during the selection process. We will do everything in our power to insure that the juror’s selections will be his own.
  • All entries that are submitted within the given timeframe and meet with the requirements on the prospectus are submitted to the juror.
  • It has not been determined whether or not the juror will come to Jacksonville to judge the prize winner. If he does, a same strict protocol used in the juryng process will be enforced. If the juror cannot come to Jacksonville to judge the prize winner, he will make his selection from the digital images.

    Please feel free to comment on this set of protocols. We are very interested on how they may be improved upon.
    Thank you,
    Sharla T. Valeski
    Beaver Contemporary Art Center


Pedestrian Projects said...

someone asked me what the prize was
and i told them a solo show
is this correct, i forgot..................

SharlaTV said...

It is in fact a solo show...not to mention the honor of being jurors choice.

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