Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Worth Checking Out

The photographs of Jennifer Morgan (she's a Jax. native): analog-places.blogspot.com


Byron said...

another FSU alumni.


not to sound silly, again, but go Noles? right?

Like her work. It's dreamy. Reminds me of My Private Idaho. Minus the male prostitution of course.

Ask her to join JaxCAL if you can Madeleine. Let's grow this thing to the next level. We need as many artists and thinkers as we can get gathered here.

Open communication is the key I believe. Not being scared to discuss your thoughts and opinions is key to the evolution of a culture and democracy?

Or we can go back to hiding out like we were before. I'd rather not though.

Jaime Verde said...

Jennifer Morgan! My wife and I began the MFA program at FSU with her way back in 2001! Hey Jennifer! Yes please do join JaxCAL.

Jennifer Morgan said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for the feedback. I certainly want to be a part. I look forward to working with you all (virtually and otherwise). And hi James!

Byron said...

Awesome. Look forward to your input too Jennifer. thanks for the interest.

Could you please shoot an email to jaxcaleague@gmail.com so I can sign you up for the blog.

thanks again...